Rick Sanchez Joins MultiVersus Today With New Gameplay Trailer

Rick Sanchez Joins MultiVersus Today Alongside New Gameplay Trailer

It has long been known that Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty was coming to MultiVersus, and now Player First Games has finally added him to the roster. After a few brief and vague teases, the studio released a trailer celebrating his arrival and a gameplay breakdown explaining his abilities.

The gameplay trailer is fairly short, but runs through some of his attacks and costumes. The showcase below is more detailed and reveals some of what Rick can do. He’s mainly based around his cooldowns, which is a strength and weakness. His portals can be used for movement and combos and can even give his blaster more reach. Rick can also summon Meseeks and order them around and those who use them strategically can have a few out at a time.

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He can buff his allies and debuff his opponents through his polymorph grenade, as it makes his teammates bigger and more resilient and turns his enemies into a smaller version of Reindog that is unable to attack. One of the buffs comes in the form of seeds which have to be shoved way up there to take effect. Allies with the seed in there get faster cooldowns while seeded enemies are temporarily silenced, meaning they can’t use special moves for a bit.

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Player First Games released the patch notes well before the update itself went online. Overall changes include swapping the free tutorial character from Wonder Woman to Shaggy, doubling the experience needed to go from level three to 15, adding a few cosmetics for Steven Universe and Reindog, implementing a new no-stun projectile type for Rick’s arrival, and adding a new anti-infinite combo system meant to decay attacks if the same move has been used more than four times in a combo. 15 characters also received their share of buffs, nerfs, and adjustments, too.


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