Report: Dead Space Remake Being Developed

Report: Dead Space Remake Being Developed

As unlikely as it seemed a few weeks ago, more and more evidence keeps piling in about a new Dead Space. And while it may not be a sequel, it seems like this rumored game is a remake of the original Dead Space.

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GamesBeat first reported on this remake. The Dead Space rumors floating around seemed to point to it being a reboot, but this title appears to be a remake that is essentially also rebooting the series. Motive Studios, the main team behind Star Wars: Squadrons, is reportedly developing the remake of the 2008 debut title. GamesBeat cites the Resident Evil 2 remake as inspiration as the Dead Space remake will also use the original game as a base and build from there with a modernized presentation.

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Resident Evil 2 also reportedly inspired Electronic Arts to take the leap because it was such a successful horror game that helped keep the long-standing franchise alive. Also the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order seems to have revitalized the publisher’s faith in single-player games, as it sold well over 10 million copies and reached over 20 million players. Given the template Capcom laid out for horror game remakes and EA’s recent single-player success, now probably seemed like a decent time for a Dead Space remake.

EA has not officially commented on any sort of Dead Space game. However, the rumors point to the publisher finally unveiling such a game on July 22 for its EA Play Live event.


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