Dead Space YouTube Channel Updates Profile Pic After 8 Years of Inactivity

Dead Space YouTube Channel Updates Profile Pic After 8 Years of Inactivity

After drifting in space for almost a decade, it seems that Dead Space might actually be floating back into Earth’s orbit. The official YouTube channel for the Dead Space franchise has updated its profile picture for the first time in almost nine years, which is after eight years of total inactivity. While a seemingly innocent change, this combined with other reports seems to point to the franchise’s imminent return. Some newer reports even allege that it is all pointing to a remake of the first game.

Dead Space YouTube Channel Updates Profile Pic After 8 Years of Inactivity

As noted by Twitter user SierraI07 and the Dead Space subreddit, users recently noticed that the official YouTube channel’s profile picture was now a section of Dead Space 2‘s box art, as shown in the bottom half of the above picture. Visiting the Wayback Machine shows that the profile picture used to be the Dead Space 3 logo, which can be seen in the top half of the above picture. The channel had that logo for its profile picture since around August 2012 when the ill-fated trilogy-ending installment was announced. The Twitter account still has the Dead Space 3 logo.

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Of course, this does not prove anything, but it does appear to somewhat corroborate the reports of Electronic Arts’ efforts to revive the franchise in the near future. GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb and VideoGamesChronicle have both heavily implied that a Dead Space reveal of some kind was in the works and set to be shown at EA Play Live on July 22. Although small, changing a YouTube picture could be setting the groundwork for something bigger as updating dormant accounts usually happens for a reason.

It’s unknown if this alleged Dead Space game is some sort of sequel, remake, reboot, or something in the vein of Mass Effect Legendary Edition where the series is bundled together in an updated package. It might even be a combination of a few of those ideas. However, given that it’s Dead Space 2‘s box art — which is not the newest entry and is the highest-rated of the series — something more akin to an updated bundle of the first three numbered games might more probable. But VGC also alleges that a Dead Space reboot is coming and while it’s possible that both a trilogy remaster and reboot are in the works, it’s best to just wait for EA’s official word, which may or may not come on July 22.

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