Report: Dead Space Reveal Being Planned for July

Report: Dead Space Reveal Being Planned for July

Few things are truly ever dead, even if they have “dead” in the title. According to a few reports, EA is planning to show another Dead Space at its EA Play event on July 22. EA has not uttered any such hints on the matter so whether or not it a sequel, remaster, or a reboot is unclear (even it even exists at all).

There are two reports that appear to corroborate each other. This all stemmed from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti on their Games Mess show on March 5. When they were asked what EA Motive was making, they both said (via VGC) that EA was going bring back an “established IP.” EA’s swath of franchises runs quite deep, but the pair appeared to narrow down the list when they both later said on the June 15 show that we will see it “if we’re not dead first.” This seemed clear but then Grubb cheekily tweeted out a whole string of teases of EA games featuring Syndicate, The Saboteur, and Black & White while also retweeting a user that jokingly posted a picture of Beetle Adventure Racing.

The reports also say that EA Motive is behind the game, which doesn’t have currently have an announced project. The studio helped developed Star Wars Battlefront II and was the lead developer on Star Wars: Squadrons.

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While Grubb has been reputable in the past, Eurogamer also backed him up. The outlet said that the game “tallies with information [they have] also heard.” Again, neither outright said it was Dead Space so it could still be something else, but that is the implication here since it is one of the fan-favorite franchises that ticks all the boxes here.

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EA has not made a Dead Space since 2013 when Dead Space 3 both failed to satisfy EA, critics, and users alike. Its Metacritic average score across all three platforms is 77, which is 12 points lower than Dead Space 2 and 11 points lower than the first game. EA also said it needed to sell 5 million to survive, which, while reports around EA canceling Dead Space 4 are hazy, it’s very likely that it didn’t hit what EA wanted. If this revival ends up coming true, it will be yet another IP revival similar to Mirror’s Edge‘s rebirth in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in 2016. But hopefully the outcome is better this time around.


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