function getCSNews() { var articleData = "\n" + "- Aliens and Predator Clash Again with the Prometheus: Fire and Stone Trailer
\n" + "- New Line Plans One Plus One
\n" + "- Katie Holmes Goes Vigilante in the Trailer for Miss Meadows
\n" + "- Henry Cavill Dons his New Super Suit in Latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Set Photo
\n" + "- Interview: Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner Doubles Down for Another Me
\n" + "- The Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller Automata, Starring Antonio Banderas
\n" + "- Kung Fu Panda Helmer to Direct Animated Noah's Ark Feature
\n" + "- Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Many More Join Andy Serkis' Jungle Book
\n" + "- CS Video: The Cast of When the Game Stands Tall
\n" + "- Relativity Announces Sequel to The November Man, Starring Pierce Brosnan
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