Update #2: WB Sending Trick ‘r Treat to DVD?


Dougherty’s Halloween anthology

Update #1: First, Dougherty dropped us a line to say this is “Not quite the whole story. Stay tuned!” Secondly, an insider informs us the film has resurfaced on Warner’s schedule for ’09. So, what’s going on now? A possible limited theatrical release? More festival runs this October? We’ll have to wait and see.

Update #2: New Yorkers, learn how you can see the film this October right here!

Since learning last week that there was an internal error at Warner Bros. that erroneously placed Michael Dougherty’s “where the F is it?” horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat on theatrical publicity sheets issued to us press folk, the search for the truth concerning its whereabouts began yet again.

A WB rep could not confirm or deny if it was still at the studio. Then, we spoke to an insider who assured us that, yes, it’s still at the studio and any reports that it was being pawned off was a bunch of bunk.

Now, a trusted biz source writing in anonymously as “Moviesnob” says, “Just got an email. Warner is keeping Trick ‘r Treat, but it’s going direct-to-DVD.”

Looking at Warner’s recent success with DVD fare such as the Raw Feed series and Lost Boys: The Tribe, it doesn’t sound like the strangest business maneuver on their part. Just an unfortunate one.

Source: Moviesnob