Amazon Studios Cancels One Mississippi, I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Amazon Studios cancels One Mississippi, I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Amazon Studios has canceled the series One MississippiI Love Dick and Jean Claude Van Johnson, according to THR. The news comes hours after the streaming service greenlit the second season of The TickOne Mississippi stars Tig Notaro, I Love Dick stars Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne and Kevin Bacon, and Jean-Claude Van Johnson stars Jean-Claude Van Damme

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One Mississippi, the Amazon Original Series directed by Tig Notaro, is a semi-autobiographical comedy that stars Notaro as a version of herself, also named Tig, reliving a version of the real-life events that comprised the most difficult year of her life.

I Love Dick is the series from Jill Soloway, the two-time Emmy winning director and creator of Transparent. I Love Dick tells the story of a struggling married couple (played by Kathryn Hahn and Griffin Dunne) who move to Marfa to study with an enigmatic professor, Dick (Kevin Bacon). As the couple become drawn to Dick, their lives are turned upside down with unintended, but exciting consequences.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson stars global martial arts and film sensation Jean-Claude Van Damme as “Jean-Claude Van Damme,” a global martial arts and film sensation…and, operating under the simple alias of “Johnson,” the most dangerous undercover operative in the world. Unhappily retired, he’s now whiling away his days in superficial Hollywood… until a chance encounter with a lost love lures him back into the game, eventually forcing him to confront the greatest enemy he’s ever faced: a Bulgarian drug cartel. Just kidding, it’s himself.

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