Jason O’Mara Confirmed for Fox’s Terra Nova


Former “Life on Mars” star Jason O’Mara is taking another trip through time in Fox’s “Terra Nova,” executive produced by Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park, “The Pacific”), Peter Chernin, Brannon Braga (“24,” “Star Trek: Enterprise”) and David Fury (“24,” “Lost”).

The action-adventure series follows an ordinary family from the year 2149 on an extraordinary journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race.

“Writing the character of Jim Shannon, we’ve thought of Jason O’Mara as something of an archetype,” Braga told the trade. “He has an everyman quality to him, but there’s something dangerous underneath.”

“I’ve always thought that guy was a star,” Fury said “He just hasn’t found the right property yet.”