Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

In last week’s episode of Better Call Saul, it really seemed like Jimmy and Kim were heading for a breakup. Over the past few months, they grew apart while she embraced pro bono public defender work and he slithered deeper into the underworld. Their worlds converged again when Jimmy’s associate, Huell, was arrested for unknowingly striking a cop. Kim seemed stunned to learn about Jimmy’s semi-criminal side-hustle, but she still took Huell’s case. She also told Jimmy she had a “better way” to handle the charges. In Better Call Saul season 4 episode 8, Kim’s plan was put into motion.

Pub Crawl

Mike was forced to answer an age old question:: how do keep your secret German construction team in line without exposing a hidden drug lab site? Naturally, the answer was to take them to a strip club. Mike didn’t seem particularly interested in the debauchery, and neither did Werner, the leader of the crew. Werner and Mike snuck out to a different bar and bonded, before Mike was called back to the strip club.

Kai had started a fight at the club, but Mike paid off the owner and forcibly removed Kai. By the time that Mike returned to the other bar, Werner had struck up a conversation with strangers that inadvertently exposed some details of the super lab. Later, Mike confronted Werner over his carelessness, and Werner profusely apologized. Gus was informed about the slip up, but Mike vouched for Werner and said it wouldn’t happen again.

Free Huell

Jimmy and Kim barely seemed to be on speaking terms with each other as he boarded a bus to Huell’s hometown in Louisiana. On the long ride over, Jimmy wrote several letters of support for Huell. He even recruited strangers on the bus to write a few as well, before arriving at his destination and mailing the letters. Meanwhile, Kim brought her law firm’s considerable resources to the case, and she tried to overwhelm the prosecutor with various motions. However, the prosecutor was unmoved by Kim’s tactics and wasn’t inclined to make a favorable deal.

“Are You Prosecuting Santa Claus?”

Unfortunately for the prosecutor, the judge was angered by the apparent popular support that Huell received from the various letters. He ordered Kim and the prosecutor to make a deal. The prosecutor took a sample of the letters to investigate their validity, and even made a few calls. Jimmy was several steps ahead, as he recruited his old film crew to answer the burner phones and profess their love for Huell. He even pretended to be the preacher for Huell’s church, complete with a web page to raise money for his defense.

Jimmy saw Kim and the prosecutor meet one last time to determine Huell’s fate. To Jimmy’s surprise, Kim passionately embraced him after she landed the deal to keep Huell out of prison. She seemed turned on by the entire experience, and told Jimmy that she wants to do it again. Kim is apparently more like Jimmy than we thought. This will destroy her.

New Boss

Nacho returned to the forefront as a Salamanca boss. Krazy-8 was his new number #2, and Nacho brutally punished a dealer for shorting him. However, Nacho was truly dissatisfied with his new life. Even a luxurious home and two potential lovers couldn’t make him happy. Nacho had made plans to escape to Canada with his father using fake IDs. Unfortunately, Nacho’s goals were disrupted by the arrival of Lalo, a higher ranking Salamanca enforcer. Lalo was outwardly friendly towards Nacho, but he was unnerved by his presence.

Breaking Bad fans may recall that Saul Goodman called out Lalo by name in his very first appearance on that show. Lalo was clearly someone that Saul/Jimmy feared, so he’ll inevitably cross paths with Jimmy down the line.

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