Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

We hope you love music montages, because Better Call Saul had two of them this week. In last week’s episode, Jimmy’s dreams of reopening a law office with Kim were dashed. Instead of giving into Jimmy’s desires, Kim went her own way and joined Schweikart and Cokely, a big law firm. Kim wanted to hold on to her Mesa Verde work while feeding her soul with public defender work. In response, Jimmy threw himself into his side hustle as a burner phone salesman for the criminal underworld. In Better Call Saul season 4 episode 7, Jimmy and Kim’s separate worlds collided once again.

Tempered Expectations

Construction continued at the Super Lab site, but the German workers were restless. Progress was slow, and Mike even witnessed an accident followed by a near fight between Kai and another worker. Werner told Mike that he had given the workers everything he could think of, but they were simply in need of rest and relaxation. Mike acknowledged the issue, while noting Kai’s condescending tone in German.

Meanwhile, Hector’s recovery showed great promise at the hospital. Hector’s cognitive had slowly returned, and he was conscious enough to be a dirty old man by tricking a nurse into cleaning up his mess. Gus was pleased about Hector’s progress, but very quick to put an end to it. Gus dismissed Hector’s specialist and he seemed eager to see Hector’s mind trapped in his broken body.

Well, That Was Something

Nearly ten months passed over the course of a montage, as Kim threw herself into her work and Jimmy did the same. Their home life began to deteriorate as they pulled away from each other, emotionally and physically. They still went through the outward steps of being a couple, when Kim invited Jimmy to a reception at her firm. However, Jimmy visibly upset Kim’s boss by constantly talking about an extravagant employee retreat that he didn’t want to pay for. In the aftermath, Kim and Jimmy barely acknowledged the tension between themselves and tried to ignore their problems.

Need To Call? Buy From Saul!

Jimmy’s reputation in the underworld grew exponentially, but his clients only know him as Saul. While Jimmy tried to impress his associate/bodyguard, Huell, with a potential law office, his efforts fell flat. Huell didn’t share Jimmy’s vision, but he had a fun fantasy about being a rich lawyer as well. After another successful sale, Jimmy was approached by a police officer who wanted him to stop selling his burner phones to crooks and drug dealers. Jimmy scoffed at the officer and argued with him. Huell returned from his lunch and assumed that Jimmy was being attacked by a client, so he knocked the officer over.

Huell was subsequently arrested, and the officer told Jimmy that he had busted Huell three years earlier. The officer rejected Jimmy’s pleas to release Huell, who was now facing significant jail time.

I Have a Better Way

Because Jimmy’s suspension was still unfinished, he couldn’t represent Huell in court. Instead, he was forced to approach Kim and confess to the side business in order to secure her help. Reluctantly, Kim agreed to it. Kim even passionately made the case that Huell’s potential sentence was an injustice. However, the prosecutor outed Jimmy’s clients as drug dealers, which shocked Kim. Regardless, she told Jimmy not to let Huell skip bail. Jimmy’s non-committal response didn’t exactly fill her with confidence.

Kim wandered off in a haze while buying a ridiculous amount of office supplies. Suddenly, she had an epiphany and called Jimmy. She told him to drop his plans for Huell, because she had a better way.

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