The Innocents Season 1 Recap


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The Innocents Season 1 Recap

While Netflix’s The Innocents was touted as a supernatural teen romance, the first season brought a little more than the usual YA expectations. To close everything out, The Innocents season 1 recap is looking back at the three major storylines of the first eight episodes.

Harry and June

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June’s 16th birthday arrived and she decided to run off with Harry. They had no idea that she was born with the ability to shape shift. June struggled with controlling and understanding her ability. The two of them tried to make a life together in London. However, they had no one they could truly trust. Harry feared what June’s shifting could do to him, and the couple parted ways.

After a warning from Kam, Harry and John followed June to Norway. They helped her and Elena escape the Sanctum. While Christine arrested Elena, they fled. However, a car crash forced June to shift into Harry and then Christine, leaving Harry in a catatonic state.

The Pennines Five

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Christine had been obsessed with the Pennines Five case. Her husband, Lewis, was a victim and he became catatonic as a result. While shifted into Elena, June discovered what really happened. Elena and Lewis had an affair. Since love is a trigger for Elena’s ability, she shifted into Lewis while they were together. While shifted, she walked by a pub and ended up touching others. Elena shifted into them directly, instead of reverting back in between. This trapped the shifting subjects’ minds, leaving them catatonic after Elena shifted back.


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Halvorson and his shifter community Sanctum weren’t what they seemed. Halvorson wasn’t just helping shifters control their abilities. He was in love with Runa, who had early dementia. To save Runa, he researched the evolution of shifting when the ability passed from mother to daughter. Daughters of shifters had the added power of accessing the memories of the shifted person and taking on their identities and personalities.

He first studied this added ability with Runa’s daughter, Freya. His abusive methods drove her away to become Kam in London. Halvorson then became obsessed with bringing June to Sanctum. He wanted June to become Runa and take on her persona and memories, while the real Runa faded away with dementia. Runa killed Halvorson when she understood what his real plan was.

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