The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s The Innocents, June told Harry to go back home while she waited for Halvorson to arrive. The Innocents season 1 episode 6 began with Runa upset over a dress Elena found for June.

In Freefall

June returned to Kam’s to retrieve her phone. She walked in on Kam hurtfully breaking up with Andrew. Kam tried to persuade June to stay, hoping they would be like sisters. June grabbed her phone from her and left, saying she couldn’t trust Kam.


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Harry returned home from London. Christine explained what she saw in the Pennines Five footage of Lewis. Harry went looking for John, demanding answers. Ryan hadn’t known about what Elena had done to Lewis. He went with Harry to the pub to wait for John.

While Harry was catching up with his friends, Ryan reconnected with an old schoolmate, Sam. The encounter was cut short when John finally showed up. Harry confronted John, but he was upset that Harry had left June alone in London.

Full Payment

Steinar went to the airport to meet Halvorson. The flight was delayed, so he started drinking. Halvorson approached him as he finished a beer. Steinar apologized for scaring June instead of bringing her back. He offered to give Sanctum to Halvorson. However, Halvorson gave him an envelope full of money instead as payment for Sanctum because it wasn’t safe to have Steinar there. He pointed to Steinar’s drinking and the fact that June would be returning with him to Sanctum.

The Mysterious Brewer of Sanctum

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Alcohol was forbidden in Sanctum, but Runa was secretly brewing some in the chicken coop. With Halvorson gone, she started drinking, but Sigrid caught her. To ease some tension at Sanctum, Sigrid, Elena, and Runa drank together at a campfire by the water.

The women made three confessions to each other that night. Sigrid confessed there was a woman she loved. Elena confessed that she never loved John and was only with him because he could keep her children safe. Runa confessed that she had early dementia, explaining her recent behavior.


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

June waited for Halvorson’s arrival at a coffee shop. A woman entered after her and watched her as she waited. Halvorson called to meet with her at a hotel, and the woman from the coffee shop followed June. It was Kam in another form. She watched Halvorson explain to June that the shifting ability resulted from a gene mutation in Scandinavian women. It was rare for the gene to pass from mother to daughter.

Steinar knew the hotel where Halvorson would meet June. He was going to convince Halvorson to change his mind about the banishment. But Steinar recognized Kam, who ran away upon seeing him. He followed her back to her apartment where Kam was waiting with a broken bottle. In a flashback, she had blonde hair and was following Runa in the woods. Kam was Runa’s lost daughter Freya.

Kam called Harry, warning him about Halvorson. The episode ended with Harry going to see John and Ryan about rescuing June.

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