The Innocents Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Netflix’s The Innocents season 1 is here with 8 episodes. Come along with us as we recap this season and find out what Netflix’s new supernatural teen romance series is all about.

“Please Don’t Do This”

The opening scene of the show sets up a lot of questions. Dr. Ben Halvorson chased a scruffy-looking man through the woods who stopped at the edge of a cliff. The man had flashes of a blonde woman screaming and a child. Halvorson pulled him back from the edge and suddenly we were in the middle of a strange interrogation.

Halvorson and the scruffy man spoke with glass between them. Strangely, the scruffy man was also sitting behind Halvorson in a trance. Furthermore, a blonde woman was reflected in a mirror where the speaking scruffy man sat. Eventually, it became evident that the blonde woman, Runa, had taken the form of the scruffy man, Steinar, who worked with Halvorson. Runa was the one who almost jumped off the cliff.

Harry and June

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

June lived with her father and brother. Her brother Ryan lived separately and in seclusion, seemingly self-imposed because of a deformity. Her father gave her sedatives with breakfast and controlled every aspect of her life.

She wrote secret love letters to Harry, whose father appeared to have dementia. June and Harry planned to run away from their families and start a new life. June’s father was going to take her and her brother Ryan to live in Scotland the next day, on her birthday. Harry traded his father’s wedding band and some cash for a car.

A New Family

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

It seemed that Halvorson was in charge of a community of women called Sanctum, which included Runa and June’s lost mother, Elena. Elena tried to open up to another woman, but Runa shut her down. “Our secrets contain our triggers”, Runa warned. At this point, we’re assuming Sanctum was a place for people who can shapeshift like Runa.

Sweet Sixteen

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

That night, June and Harry left in the car and celebrated their freedom. However, they came across a man whose van was broken down. Harry got out to help with the engine. When June got out too, Steinar appeared out of the back of the van. He said that her mother had sent him and urged her to come with him. Harry saw him take out a syringe to sedate June, and he fought with Steinar and the van driver. Some blows from a lug wrench brought Steinar to the ground, and the other man drove off in the van. Harry and June moved Steinar’s body and checked into a motel.

Harry was convinced he had murdered Steinar. When they went to bed, June left to go back to where Steinar was. She wanted to check if he was really dead. Soon, we saw Steinar stumble into a women’s restroom. He marched over to the motel. Harry answered the door and was alarmed, especially when Steinar grabbed him. But Steinar pulled the two of them to look at a mirror, revealing June had shapeshifted into Steinar. The real Steinar was back in the woods, naked among June’s clothes.

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