The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s The Innocents, Harry and June crashed their car and run off. The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 begins with the couple having spent the night in a park.

“Am I Me?”

June woke from a nightmare, questioning her identity. She and Harry had slept in a playground slide and freshened up in the park bathroom. While walking along the Thames, they came across a man named Shane on his houseboat full of wares. He offered them his boat to sleep on if they brought in his boxes.

When Harry and June woke up and rose from the cabin, Shane and his friends, including a fun woman named Lil, were hanging out. He offered them an easy job: help him sell pills at a club for 20% of the take.

The Final Session

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Sigrid was excited about her final session with Halvorson, whatever that entailed. But Halvorson was preoccupied with Elena. He talked to her about June, who would have a support system and a role model once she got to Sanctum. Sigrid was jealous, but asked Runa what her final session was like. Runa ominously said that the process was different back then.

Need Some Air

Steinar and Alf had lost the couple after the chase and needed a plan to get back on their trail. Luckily for them, John and Ryan had driven up outside the drug den on their own mission. It was a dead end for them, since all that was left there was June’s bag and they no idea where she would be. Christine called John to let him know the car was found that morning. She suggested they visit hospitals with Harry and June’s pictures to see if they came in hurt from the accident. They promised to keep each other updated.

Handshake or Hug

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Lil helped June dress for the club and smuggle a small bag of pills in her hair. In the club, Shane’s customers approached Harry and June, who would discreetly pass them pills. Once business was over, Shane and Lil took some pills and gave drugged beers to Harry and June.

In a haze, June and Lil danced and kissed on the dance floor. But June accidentally shifted into Lil, who collapsed on the floor in a trance. June as Lil approached Harry, who soon realized what had happened. He followed June into the restroom and helped bring her back to normal by reminding her she was still the same. When they exited the restroom, they found Shane watching Lil being loaded into an ambulance. June showed the paramedic the drugs and accompanied Lil to the hospital.

Be Truthful

The Innocents Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

At the hospital, June told Harry that Lil was in a coma. Harry remarked that his father Lewis had been in a coma. Back in Norway, Elena had flashes of herself with John and surprisingly a flash of Lewis. It seemed as if what happened to Lewis was not the result of dementia or a brain injury, but could have been caused by a shift like with Lil. Meanwhile, Harry called his mother, worried about June and if she would hurt him. Christine explained that was love.

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