Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 4 Recap


Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

It’s time to once again check in with Better Call Saul! In last week’s episode, Kim had an unexpectedly emotional reaction when Jimmy read Chuck’s farewell letter. Naturally, Kim and Jimmy dealt with it the way they always handled difficult emotions…by running away from them. In Better Call Saul season 4 episode 4, both Jimmy and Kim went to great lengths to avoid their feelings. But there’s inevitably heartache ahead.

Killing Cousins

Gus’ plans for expansion came together when he arranged for the Espinozas to get the stolen drugs taken from Nacho and Arturo. Nacho participated in the frame up by identifying the Espinozas as his attackers. Nacho could barely believe it when the cousins attacked the Espinoza compound in broad daylight without backup. Reluctantly, Nacho followed them inside but they barely needed the assist. However, the incident attracted so much attention that the Cousins were forced to return to Mexico.

Nacho’s wounds were reopened during the shoot out, but he still reported to Gus afterwards. Gus seemed impressed that Nacho figured out his real plans, but he told Nacho that he’s not done yet. With nowhere else to go, Nacho turned to his father for help and a brief respite.

Can’t Lie To Mike

Mike briefly thought of a happy memory with his son, Matty, at the beginning of the show. He also briefly reconnected with Anita, his friend from therapy. Anita revealed that she was concerned about Henry, another member of their group. To her surprise, Mike revealed that he knew Henry was lying about his dead wife’s existence. Mike even made a small wager with Anita to prove it.

At therapy, Mike’s daughter-in-law, Stacey, shared a sad story about missing Matty. When Henry followed with his own sob story, Mike couldn’t resist exposing his lies. Henry left in shame, while Mike alienated the group. Later, Mike was summoned to meet Gus, who pretended he was angry with him. Mike immediately saw through the BS, and told Gus to tell him about “the job.”

The Verdict

Kim was worried about Jimmy’s state of mind, so she tried to refer him to a therapist. To get out of it, Jimmy told her he had taken a new job as a cellular phone salesman. It was a lie, considering that he actually turned down the gig. But Jimmy quickly reconsidered after speaking to Kim. Meanwhile, Kim went down to Judge Munsinger’s courthouse and observed a few cases.

Privately, Judge Munsinger tried to entice Kim with a juicy story, but she immediately recognized it as the plot of The Verdict. Judge Munsinger told Kim that she wasn’t the first lawyer who tried to rekindle their passion for the law by finding a case in his courtroom. He told her that he’d put her to work as a public defender if she returned to his courtroom. Much to his surprise, Kim ignored the warning and returned to watch the rest of the cases.

Privacy Sold Here

Jimmy got the offer for his new cell phone supervisor gig super early in the morning, and he turned it down. After changing his mind, Jimmy was dismayed to discover that his new store was practically abandoned. Bored out of his mind, Jimmy left the store unattended while he met with Ira. Jimmy was shocked that the collectible they stole fetched a much higher price than expected, and that Ira was honest about it. Ira also gave Jimmy a moment of inspiration.

After returning to the store, Jimmy painted the following message on the store’s windows: “Is the man listening? Privacy sold here.” Essentially, he’s targeting a shadier clientele, and it may actually work.

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