Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 3 Recap


Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

On Better Call Saul, no one’s plans fall perfectly into place…unless they’re Gus Fring. The Salamanca cartel is in disarray, Don Hector is being kept alive for future torment, and now Nacho is fully in Gus’ control. Last week’s episode also brought Jimmy closer to landing a respectable post-lawyer job, only for him to reject the opportunity. Kim even got the chance to unload on Howard, but no one is properly dealing with their emotions after Chuck’s death. In Better Call Saul season 4 episode 3, things are only going to get more complicated.

Nacho Is In Deep

Gus knows that Nacho tried to kill Don Hector, and he’s making him into his inside man within the Salamanca cartel. To explain away Arturo’s murder and further disrupt the supply chain, Gus’ men shot up Arturo’s body and his car before leaving a few bullets in Nacho as well. After all, it had to be convincing. But perhaps it was a little too convincing, as Nacho’s wounds very nearly cost him his life. Gus took advantage of the cartel’s panic by letting Don Bolsa suggest that they buy drugs outside of the Salamanca family.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jimmy came to Mike with an easy scam. He proposed that Mike break into an office and swap out a rare collectible with a cheaper version that would be almost indistinguishable. Mike politely turned down the job and suggested that Jimmy reconsider it as well. Undaunted, Jimmy recruited another criminal to make the switch. It all went to plan until Jimmy’s inside man was literally stuck inside the office. Turns out that the owner had a fight with his wife that put him in the proverbial dog house. Jimmy eventually arrived and created a distraction to allow his cohort to escape and earn some easy money.

Master and a Chemist

Breaking Bad alert! Jimmy’s accomplice was future Vamonos Pest owner, Ira. However, Gus’ chemist was none other than Gale Boetticher, the singing man of science who was all too eager to help. Gale shared his current project with Gus before revealing his test results for Gus’ narcotics. Gus’ warm feelings for Gale in this scene may explain one of the reasons he was so angry about Gale’s murder on Breaking Bad. But for now, Gale remained in the world of academia while Gus planned for the future.

The Letter

Kim tried to get back into gear with Mesa Verde Bank by hiring a paralegal and returning to work. However, Kim appeared to be taken aback by Mesa Verde’s aggressive expansion plans. Even with the extra help, Kim could barely keep up with the workload. Later, Kim had a private moment with Jimmy when she gave him Chuck’s final letter. Jimmy casually read the letter aloud, and it appeared to have been written years before, when Jimmy worked in HHM’s mail room. In the letter, Chuck wrote about his feelings for Jimmy and recalled his positive affect on their mother. Jimmy was dispassionate about Chuck’s words, but they greatly affected Kim. She fled from the room in an emotional state, leaving Jimmy to wonder how and if he should comfort her.

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