Doom Patrol Episode 2 Recap


Doom Patrol Episode 2

Doom Patrol episode 2 recap

Doom Patrol episode 2 picks up right where the pilot episode ended. The town of Cloverton get sucked into the vortex of light in the middle of town. All of that is collateral damage. Mr. Nobody really just wants The Chief. As the bus gets sucked toward the vortex, Jane tries unsuccessfully to stop it. With The Chief sucked in, Jane jumps into the vortex after him, just as the portal closes.

Cliff is determined to figure out how to get to Jane and The Chief, but Larry says that this is what the world looks like with them in it. It’s best that they run away and not get involved.

It Wants To Talk To You

Doom Patrol Episode 2

As Cyborg, Victor is Detroit’s protector. After his father, Silas, put Victor back together, he has been working as a hero to try and catch the Justice League’s eye so he can move on to bigger and better things. Looking for a crime that will get him noticed, Victor catches an ARGUS report on the destruction and disappearance of Cloverton. The Chief was an associate of Silas’s and encouraged Victor to come to Cloverton and see the “strays” whose lives he has been putting back together. Victor goes to find The Chief without his dad’s approval.

Bursting With Potential

Doom Patrol Episode 2

Victor finds Cliff chasing the donkey, which vomits out Jane. Jane is shell shocked from her trip into the vortex and out of the donkey. Victor tries to speak to the aspect of Jane that experienced the trip, but is stuck with Baby Doll instead. Cliff turns to The Chief’s taped conversations with each of Jane’s personalities for a clue, seizing upon her concept of The Underground, where her different personalities lie dormant. The aspect at the bottom of The Underground is Katy, who is the one with the information that Victor seeks. Katy, unfortunately, isn’t much help.

The Donkey Is A Door

Doom Patrol Episode 2

Larry and Rita relax on the lawn while Cliff and Victor are tossed around by Jane in the house. In spite of trying to stay out of the fight, Larry is both physically unable to leave and mentally unable to stop trying to figure out the physics of different dimensions. Victor scans the goat, discovering that its throat is a doorway to another dimension. The only way to scout out what’s inside is to squish Rita down the donkey’s throat and have her take a look. Rita slips and gets swallowed by the donkey, which sucks Victor and Larry down after her.

In the other dimension, Nobody springs his trap for the three of them, torturing them with their both their hubris and their weaknesses. As the narrator of the story, Nobody is apart from them, unattached to their stories. As such, he knows all about them and threatens to expose them to the world unless they stop hunting for The Chief. Larry’s other, the negative energy being, enters the donkey and blows it up from within, freeing the three of them as well as the rest of the town.

A Godlike Force For Good

Doom Patrol Episode 2

Silas arrives at the mansion and tells Victor it’s time to come home, where his heroics will be seen by the Justice League. In exchange for getting his act together, Silas will give Victor an upgrade that’s sure to get the attention of the Justice League. Victor asks for and receives two days to think about it. During that time, Victor plans to rally the rest of the misfits into finding The Chief.

Victor explains that Nobody is scared of them. Why else would he set a trap and warn them to stay away. Victor tells Rita that he knows that what they went through was difficult, but that she was a star. Larry faces his fear of not waking up and releases his other, leaving it a note that reads “We need to establish some ground rules”. Meanwhile, the Hangman’s Daughter aspect of Jane’s personality paints Victor holding his dead father and screaming toward the sky, the corpses of the rest of the team around him.

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