Outlander Season 4 Recap


Outlander Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Outlander Season 4 Recap

Starz’s Outlander season 4 saw Claire and Jamie experiencing life in Colonial North America, while Brianna raced to prevent her parents’ deaths. To close out the season, we recap the most important story lines of the fourth season of Outlander.

Fraser’s Ridge

With the promise of a new beginning for them, Jamie and Claire decided to stay in North America instead of sailing back to Scotland. Governor Tryon granted Jamie a piece of land that they would call “Fraser’s Ridge”. Jamie could settle the land with Scottish immigrants, but he owed Tryon his loyalty. The only problem was that Claire knew they would be on the losing side of a rebellion again.

The Regulators

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Last we had seen Murtagh, he was shipped off to the colonies as an indentured prisoner. However, not knowing their relation, Young Ian crossed paths with Murtagh, now a blacksmith in Wilmington. Murtagh was also the leader of the Regulators, a group of rebels fighting against the exorbitant taxes. Fergus broke Murtagh out of jail, and Murtagh was now a wanted fugitive. Unfortunately, Tryon tasked Jamie with finding him.

Brianna’s Rough Journey

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Brianna went through the stones to warn her parents that they would die in a cabin fire at Fraser’s Ridge. However, the journey to find her parents was a rough one. She nearly froze to death walking from Craigh Na Dun and escaped Laoghaire’s house with the help of her daughter. After making the journey over, Brianna reconnected with Roger, who had followed her through the stones. But after a fight, she ran into Stephen Bonnet, who raped her when she asked for Claire’s ring back.

Saving Roger

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Bonnet had forced Roger to complete his tour on the Gloriana. When he was finally released from Bonnet’s service, Roger went to Fraser’s Ridge. Unfortunately, a case of mistaken identity and Jamie’s rage left him beaten and sold to a group of Mohawks. Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian journeyed to New York to bring him back. Ian stayed in his place, but Jamie and Claire had to tell Roger the truth. Brianna was pregnant, and the baby might not be his. However, Roger eventually returned to Brianna.

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