Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Recap


Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

In the previous episode of Starz’s Outlander, Jamie, Claire, and Ian left to track down Roger, while Murtagh took Brianna to stay with Jocasta. In Outlander season 4 episode 11, Brianna dealt with being an unmarried, pregnant woman in the 18th century.


Jocasta was hosting a dinner party. She told Brianna about Brianna’s grandmother, Ellen, and how they were similar. Jocasta invited several unmarried men to the party: Gerald Forbes, Judge Alderdyce, Lieutenant Wolff, and Jamie’s friend, Lord John Grey. John confessed that Jamie had asked him to look in on her. Lizzie let slip in front of John that Brianna was pregnant, and Brianna realized the party was about securing for her a husband. John delivered to her a letter from Jamie.

While up late, Brianna saw John having sex with Judge Alderdyce. That morning, Phaedre woke her to tell her that Forbes would be proposing since Jocasta had already given permission. Brianna ducked out for a walk with Lord John. She proposed to him, and when he declined, she threatened to write letters to prominent people about what she had seen. He called her bluff, and Brianna admitted she wasn’t going to tell anyone.

Brianna told John about her rape and how she feared Roger wouldn’t want to marry her even when Jamie and Claire got him back. She resolved to do everything she could for her baby, even if it meant accepting Forbes’s proposal. Back at the house, Forbes was about to propose, when John entered the room to tell everyone that he had proposed and Brianna had accepted. After speaking with John, Brianna opened the letter.

A Whole Man

Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Fergus spoke with Marsali about the difficulties he had finding work with a missing hand. In the middle of the night, Marsali woke Murtagh to tell him to ask Fergus to fight with him and the Regulators. When Murtagh did, Fergus appreciated the offer but declined for Marsali and Germain.

Marsali told Fergus and Murtagh that the Gloriana was in port. They saw Bonnet in the tavern and knocked him out while he was alone. While preparing to take Bonnet with them, two men recognized Murtagh from the wanted posters. They took both Murtagh and Bonnet into custody.

Somebody’s Child

Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Jamie, Claire, and Ian came across a Cherokee man, who said the Mohawk trinket came from a village called Shadow Lake. As their journey continued, Rollo came back with a human bone. It was from the man who had been with Roger when he died. Ian recognized the remains, and they buried him.

Claire assured Jamie she wasn’t upset with him and apologized for keeping Stephen Bonnet’s involvement in Brianna’s rape a secret. He told Claire that he couldn’t be a father to Brianna since she didn’t need him. Jamie feared Claire agreed with Brianna that Frank was a better man. Claire assuaged his fears, but admitted that, though she promised to never keep secrets from Jamie, it was before Brianna.

The Mohawk returned to their village with Roger. He had not escaped for long. They pushed him to a gathering of Mohawk men, who shoved and beat him.

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