Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Recap


Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of Starz’s Outlander, Claire took care of John Grey when he contracted measles, and Jamie spent time with his son, William. In Outlander season 4 episode 7, we catch up with Brianna’s journey through the stones.

Flowers in Your Hair

Brianna headed to Ayr Harbor from Craigh Na Dun. Unfortunately, she hurt her ankle on the way and collapsed on the road. Brianna came to in Laoghaire’s home. The two of them got along well, and Brianna bonded with her youngest daughter, Joanie. Ian Murray, Sr. visited to let Laoghaire know the alimony from Jamie won’t come that month.

Not knowing who she was speaking to, Brianna told Laoghaire that Claire Fraser is her mother. Laoghaire locked Brianna in the room she was staying in and vowed to have her arrested for witchcraft like she had done with Claire. Joanie let her out and took her to Lallybroch. Jenny wasn’t there, but Ian gave her money for passage on a ship to North Carolina. He took her to Ayr Harbor and told her to see Jocasta, who would know where Jamie and Claire lived. Finally, Ian asked her to tell Young Ian to write to Jenny more.

A man approached Brianna to hire his daughter, Elizabeth, as a servant. She was trying to escape a man who had purchased their contracts. Brianna booked passage on a ship for the two of them.

The Pain of Missing Someone

Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks of Brianna’s relationship with Frank. He had known about the obituary and the fire at Fraser’s Ridge. He was going to tell her the truth, but decided against it.

Frank had asked Brianna to go to Cambridge with him after he and Claire divorced. Despite her parents’ fighting, the news came as a surprise to her. She refused and left the car. Later, we see Brianna at Frank’s grave as she expressed regret for leaving the car. Brianna felt that if she had agreed and stayed, Frank wouldn’t have gotten into the accident.

Gentleman’s Wager

Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Fiona went with Roger to Craigh na Dun. He went through the stones and made his way to Ayr Harbor. Roger came across Stephen Bonnet, the captain of the Gloriana. A flip of the coin got him a spot on Bonnet’s crew.

While on the ship, a child showed signs of smallpox. Bonnet ordered Roger to toss her overboard. When Roger refused, Bonnet did it himself, and her mother jumped off after her. Bonnet ordered all passengers with signs of smallpox to be thrown overboard. Roger hid a Mackenzie woman and her baby and snuck her food throughout the journey. Bonnet discovered them and threatened Roger’s life. Another flip of Bonnet’s coin saved Roger’s life.

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