South Park Season 22 Episode 6 Recap


South Park Season 22 Episode 6

South Park Season 22 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of South Park, the children used e-scooters to mount a all-out effort to procure the most candy possible on Halloween. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap South Park season 22 episode 6 ‘Time To Get Cereal!’

The Truth Is Out There

South Park Season 22 Episode 6

Jimbo and Ned were out shooting birds in the fields around South Park, they went to inspect one of the birds they had killed. The pair noticed tracks of an usual animal and decided to follow them. They ran into Randy and Stan, as they had crossed onto their property. Soon after,the creature known as ManBearPig attacked them. At the police station, the police were called to South Park Elementary as a dead body had been found in the playground. The police chief assumed that it was another school shooting, but the child had obviously been mauled and torn apart by some creature.

Inside the school, Stan tried to convince Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman that ManBearPig had attacked the child. Cartman and Kenny were called to PC Principal’s office and were interrogated by the police chief. He accused both Cartman and Kenny of shooting and killing the other student, but both denied it. Kyle and Stan went home and did some Internet research and found out that ManBearPig was in South Park. Cartman and Kenny barged in and informed everyone of the police chief’s attempt to frame them for the child’s murder. They learned that Al Gore had been preaching about ManBearPig for years and they decided to track him down.

Bowling Champion

South Park Season 22 Episode 6

The kids went to Denver City Hall to find out where Al Gore was. They were told that he had assumed the identity of a championship bowler and was practicing at the local bowling alley. The kids went there and tried to enlist Al Gore’s help with stopping ManBearPig, but he was angry as everyone had made fun of him earlier and refused to help. Everyone took Al out for dinner at the local Olive Garden to try and apologize for not taking him serious earlier. Al still refused to help the kids unless they helped him with a video game. The police chief was still tracking the killings of ManBearPig, but he was attempting to attribute them all to school shootings.

Gathered Knowledge

South Park Season 22 Episode 6

Al took the kids to his private storage unit and told them that ManBearPig’s true origins were that he was a devil. Al dawned his cape and went out to take out ManBearPig. The group tied up a goat and began a demonic ritual to banish ManBearPig back to hell. The goat was sacrificed and a portal to hell was opened. Satan appeared and Al asked him about ManBearPig’s presence. Satan told them to go to their local library to learn more about ManBearPig.  The police chief had surrounded the library and was going to arrest the kids. Al sent the kids to tell the truth to everyone, but no one believed them.

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