Robert Englund is Watching You in The Last Showing Teaser

The first footage from The Last Showing comes by way of a teaser trailer, which you can now watch here. This is the film that stars Robert Englund has a mad, voyeuristic projectionist. The film was picked up for U.S. distro by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. We’re still awaiting a release date, but I suspect we’ll be hearing about one for a release this fall.

Writer-director Phil Hawkins tells the story of a young couple, Martin (Finn Jones) and Allie (Emily Berrington), who have a night out at their local cinema. They become unwitting stars of their own horror story at the hands of Stuart (Englund), a disturbed projectionist.

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[Editorial] To Those Complaining About the Robert Englund Flashback Weekend Ticket…

As we previously told you here on Shock, the announcement was made earlier this week by Chicago’s Flashback Weekend Convention that Robert Englund will be appearing at this August’s event in full Freddy Krueger makeup and costume, Friday only.

Not only will he be appearing on stage, as Freddy, for a special live talk show, but he’ll also be signing autographs and taking photos with fans, also as Freddy.

The event will mark the very first time Englund has ever hit the convention circuit in character, and in fact it’s the first time he’ll be slapping on the makeup and iconic Christmas sweater since Freddy vs. Jason, over ten years ago.

Robert Englund Wants You to Find a Home for Psychos in This PSA

The horror channel Chiller released today a new PSA that’s rather amusing. It finds Robert Englund – genre stalwart and actor best known for his turn as Freddy Krueger – asking viewers to help “deranged psychopathic killers” find a home. You see, they have no place to scare people. Chiller is the solution.

Like I said, amusing. Although, I would have loved to have seen it play on the heartstrings a bit more like those heartbreaking animal shelter PSAs hosted by Sarah McLachlin. Those things are f’in evil, man. They’ll destroy you.