First Details on Dark Horse’s Rebooted Alien, Predator, and Prometheus Comics

Reboot is a very popular term in entertainment these days. Whether it be films, television, or even comics, many companies are going back to the drawing board in an effort to get more people in on their stories. Dark Horse is the latest to try their hand at the reboot game, but they’re doing it with a set of characters and creators that is super exciting. Next year will see the relaunch of a line of comics based on the Aliens, Predators, AVP, and Prometheus franchises, and the catch? They’re all interconnected. 

io9 dropped the first details on the new books, which will feature Aliens by Chris Roberson and Patric Reynolds, Predators by Joshua Williamson, Prometheus by Paul Tobin, and Aliens vs. Predator by Chris Sebela, hit the jump to find out more!