Mel Gibson Returns in Trailer for ‘Get the Gringo’


Get the Gringo trailer
Mel Gibson in Get the Gringo
Photo: Fox Home Entertainment

Originally titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Get the Gringo stars Mel Gibson and was shot almost two years ago by director Adrian Grunberg, a long-time second unit director that worked on Gibson’s Apocalyto as well as Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic and Amores Perros for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to name a few. The film, however, isn’t as dire as those three films as I’m sure you’ve already ascertained based on the title alone.

The story centers on a career criminal by the name of Driver (Gibson), who, during a high-speed car chase with the U.S. Border Patrol and a bleeding body in his back seat, crashes into the border wall as he tries to escape. He survives, only to be placed inside a hard-core Mexican prison where he enters the strange and dangerous world of “El Pueblito.” There, he finds unlikely survival guidance from a 10-year-old kid (Kevin Hernandez) who shows him the ropes. The film has already been rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual material.

Deadline, along with debuting the trailer for the film which can be seen below, also reports the picture will have its debut on May 1 on DirecTV as part of a deal with Fox Home Entertainment. DirectTV will have exclusive rights to the film for over a month and will charge $10.99 per home viewing. A wider release on Blu-ray, VOD, and digital download will follow later in the year.

Deadline also reports Gibson is still working with Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace on a long-in-development period drama set in the world of Viking culture and Wallace has just turned in a second script draft after William Monahan (The Departed) penned the first draft back in 2009.

At one time that project had Leonardo DiCaprio The Beaver, which didn’t even manage to crack $1 million at the domestic box-office.

Now, he’s part of a new Video On Demand distribution model and still working. Question is, will you be watching? Check out the trailer for Get the Gringo directly below and leave your thoughts in the comments.