UPDATE: Alternate ‘District 9’ Trailer with Subtitles and No Blur

Photo: Sony Pictures

UPDATE: Apparently the alien’s name is “George” as Sony has just sent over a new blog post from the District 9 viral site MNU Spreads Lies, and it looks like “George” is also a blogger (sort of corny if you ask me). The text from the post translates to say this is his first interrogation.

If this were just a video with the Chicago font subtitles and the blurring still intact I would say it was an obvious fake, but IMDb appears to have debuted a new version of the District 9 trailer with not only subtitles, but the blurring of the alien’s face removed.

The Neill Blomkamp directed and Peter Jackson produced sci-fi feature is set in a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa. The film is set for an August 14 release and outside of knowing it expands on Blomkamp’s previous short film (watch that here) very little else is known about the film. Perhaps this new element to the trailer will help you out some.

Give it a watch below.


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