‘Ghost Rider’ Teaser Trailer Details


I have to wonder if the rest of you had the same word pop into your head after seeing the Ghost Rider teaser trailer that popped up on the Internet yesterday… CRAP! Good Lord this movie looks horrible if that is the best they can offer, but now word comes down from Sony that it is not the best they can offer, check this out:

Statement from Sony Pictures Regarding GHOST RIDER footage:

Ghost Rider only recently wrapped principal photography, and the footage that appeared on this site represents the earliest version of a character that has not been fully rendered. While we were pleased with the overwhelming enthusiasm the footage received at Comic Con, this special convention piece was never intended for release on the internet. A final look of Ghost Rider is a long way from being realized and we look forward to your feedback more than a year from now when the film makes it way to theaters.

For those of you yet to see the trailer it was taken down from its original location from yesterday, but I was sent a link to a Windows Media version here, but click fast, it will probably be gone soon, if it isn’t already.

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