CS Video: Jack Black, Kathryn Hahn and James Marsden Talk The D Train


Jack Black and James Marsden star in The D Train, hitting theaters May 8.

If you’re afraid of spoilers, be sure to catch this weekend’s dark comedy The D Train early. There’s an entire element to the plot that has been cleverly tiptoed around in the trailer to preserve a first act twist. You can also safely watch our below interview with stars Jack Black, James Marsden and Kathryn Hahn alongside the writing and directing duo of Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel.

In the film, Black stars as small town dad who, despite a relatively happy suburban life, is dreaming of something bigger. He’s hoping that, by leading his high school reunion committee to a perfect 20-year event, he’ll achieve the personal glory he’s been lacking all his life. Deciding that the key to getting the best turnout will be in convincing the most popular kid in his graduating class (Marsden’s Oliver Lawless), Black begins a series of small lies to try and head to Los Angeles to speak to Lawless in person. As the story unfolds, so do Landsman’s little lies until he’s in deep over his head.

Stay tuned after the end of the video, too, for a special post-credits scene wherein Black and Marsden reflect on their first onscreen appearance together, guest starring on a 1995 episode of “Touched By an Angel”!

Also starring Jeffrey Tambor, The D Train hits theaters today, May 8th.