Watch: ‘The D Train’ Trailer Starring Jack Black and James Marsden


The D Train trailer
James Marsden and Jack Black in The D Train
Photo: IFC

I absolutely cannot make heads or tails of this movie based on this just released trailer. IFC picked up The D Train out of the Sundance Film Festival and has set a May 8 release date and this here is the first trailer and I can tell it’s some kind of high school reunion-meets-bromance movie centered on a guy that was never cool, but now he is conceit. Yet, I can’t tell if it’s the way the trailer is cut or what, but it feels like they are either trying to hide some of its more cliche elements or perhaps it isn’t in the least bit cliche and that makes it hard to cut a coherent trailer. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy.

The movie stars Jack Black as Dan Landsman, a man that’s never been the cool guy, but as he sets out to put together his high school reunion he sets out to land the class cool kid, the aptly named Oliver Lawless (Marsden), and travels from Pittsburgh to LA to convince him to join the party. The synopsis tells us the film “serves up the question: how far would you go to be popular?”, but I’m not entirely convinced that’s the goal based on this trailer. Give it a watch and you tell me.