Riley Scott Fights Back in Exclusive Babysitter Must Die Clip has an exclusive clip from the new horror-thriller Babysitter Must Die, starring Riley Scott in a breakout role as Josie Jane. The movie is available now on VOD from Blue Fox Entertainment.

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During a game of hide-and-seek, a pack of cultists invades the house of a wealthy family to find an apocalyptic secret hidden in the walls. What they don’t know is babysitter Josie (Scott) is still hiding and armed with a variety of kick-ass skills.

Check out the exclusive clip below:

Directed by Kohl Glass and written by Julie Auerbach and Kevin Tavolaro, the movie also stars Melinda Yeaman (The Girl in the Wall), Nathan Stevens (Punch-Drunk Love), Nic Fitzgerald (Unsung Heroes), Scarlett Hazen (Witnesses), Kristin Jensen (Love At First Glance), and Robert Scott Smith (Jewtah).

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From Top Dead Center Films, Babysitter Must Die is produced by Gary Auerbach and Dallin Cerva.