Exclusive Line of Fire Clip Previews the Intense Australian Thriller

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Line of Fire clip from the Australian thriller movie directed by Scott Major. The film is set to release digitally and through video-on-demand services on February 7.

“When policewoman Samantha Romans fails to intervene in a shooting where her own son dies, she draws the condemnation of her colleagues and community as well as the attention of ambitious journalist, Jamie Connard,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Keen to reignite the career she put on hold to have children, Jamie ignores Romans’ pleas to be left alone and pursues her relentlessly. And with nothing to lose, Romans retaliates by forcing Jamie into a night of terror that threatens everything Jamie holds dear.”

Check out the exclusive Line of Fire clip below:

Line of Fire was written by Christopher Gist and directed by Scott Major. It stars Nadine Garner, Samantha Tolj, and Damien Walshe-Howling.


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