‘Flicka’ Movie Review (2006)


Flicka Movie ReviewFlicka. Say it with me, it is fun. Flicka. You should seriously say it because if you see it this might be the only fun you have. Flicka. Okay, that’s the last time, I promise. This is a story of a girl and her horse adapted from the story “My Friend Flicka” about a boy and his horse. I haven’t read the book but I hope for the author’s sake they lost more in translation than the main character’s gender.

Okay so this is going to be three reviews in total because there are a few facets to tackle. For everyone near five years old: You will enjoy this. I don’t know how you found RopeofSilicon but there you go. Shoo, back to the sandbox for you. Next up, for those of you looking for a review of the acting I’d like to let you know it’s fine. Tim McGraw should keep getting acting work instead of crooning work and Maria Bello was better than I remember her. The actors are fine. For everyone who is not near five or doesn’t care about the acting the next paragraphs are exclusively for you.

27 year-old Alison Lohman plays Katy, a teenage rebel who becomes enamored with a mustang horse. To be fair to Alison she was probably 26 when this filmed so she was only stretching a decade. Katy is misunderstood by her daddy (McGraw), a man dedicated to his ranch and discipline. He constantly tells Katy she can’t ride the mustang even though he keeps it right outside her room. That’s the plot for you, a wild mustang that couldn’t possibly be tamed, a girl trying to live her life without poppa interference, and a quarter horse ranch slowly drowning in debt.

The plot and story are as A to B as you can possibly get. Everything is telegraphed, everything is simple. Why can’t Katy have Flicka? Dad says so. Will he come around? Well, geez, I don’t know, what do you think? Will there be some element of danger somewhere and will Flicka the wonder horse have to possibly save Katy? C’mon. If you five year olds are still reading I’m sorry to jade you so early.

So I’d say Flicka doesn’t have a lot of meat on the bone. For parents that have to take their kids it won’t be the saddest experience ever but you won’t want to send a thank you note to everyone involved either. Little kids will like it. Horses might too if they are the rebel kind. Everyone else shouldn’t bother.


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