Grahame-Smith on Beetlejuice 2 and Night of the Living

ON got a chance to talk to Dark Shadows screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith and got updates on Beetlejuice 2, Unholy Night and Night of the Living.

While Tim Burton said last week he’s waiting on the writer’s take on Beetlejuice 2, Grahame-Smith is not jumping on that project right away.

“Everyone is waiting for me to get my ass in gear,” Grahame-Smith said. “I just finished a script called ‘Night of the Living,’ and I’m giving it to Tim this weekend. And I’m moving now into adapting ‘Unholy Night,’ which I have to deliver to Warner Bros. I’ve got to do this, then I’m going around the world for ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,’ so I’ll be writing Unholy Night on the plane and in hotel rooms.”

He also provided more details on Night of the Living, which was believed to have humans as the threat to the zombies this time.

“[It’s] not just zombies,” he added. “Let me put it this way, Tim and I are big fans of classic movie monsters. The title pretty much where you’re going to be at. Plus, it’s a Tim Burton stop motion-animated movie. That movie for me is my love letter to all of the movies I grew up on.”

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