Warner Bros. Pictures 2012 Summer Preview


ComingSoon.net has received Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2012 Summer Preview, featuring seven releases. To view info on each movie, just select the titles, and to see the new images, click on ‘View Pics’:

May 11 (2D theaters and IMAX)
Dark Shadows (Gothic Comedy) (View Pics)

May 25
Chernobyl Diaries (Horror Thriller)

June 15 (2D theaters and IMAX)
Rock of Ages (Rock Musical) (View Pics)

June 29
Magic Mike (Dramatic Comedy) (View Pics)

July 20 (2D theaters and IMAX)
The Dark Knight Rises (Action Thriller) (View Pics)

August 10
The Campaign (Comedy) (View Pics)

August 24
The Apparition (Supernatural Thriller) (View Pics)

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