IMAX DMR Gross Box Office Doubles in 2010


IMAX Corporation announced today that for the fifty-two weeks ended December 31, 2010, IMAX DMR(R) global gross box office reached a record $546 million, more than doubling the company’s previous global box office record of $270 million achieved in 2009. The company’s DMR gross box office for the fourth quarter of 2010 reached $102 million compared to $101 million in the fourth quarter of last year.

Gross box office generated from the company’s original documentaries including Hubble 3D, Under the Sea 3D and Deep Sea 3D totaled $41 million.

“Our 2010 box office results reflect our model of showcasing the biggest blockbuster titles, whether they are 2D or 3D, our network expansion and the significant increase in box office generated from our existing theatres,” said Richard L. Gelfond, CEO of IMAX Corporation. “In fact, our box office per theatre average grew by 50 percent year-over-year. Looking ahead to 2011, we have more visibility into our future film slate than we have ever had, we will grow the size of our global network and we believe that this year’s strong box office performance will further fuel the theatre signing momentum we enjoyed in 2010 into 2011.”

“In 2010 we released more films to the IMAX network from the most diverse group of studio partners than ever before and our box office results reflect well on our strategic initiatives,” said Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “In 2011, we anticipate another record number of DMR titles will be released to a record number of IMAX screens, and we are working closely with new and long-time studio, exhibitor and filmmaker partners to bring mind-blowing and differentiated IMAX experiences to moviegoers around the globe.”

IMAX Box Office Highlights:

– Domestically, 9 of the top 10 grossing films were released into the IMAX network

– A record 16 DMR titles were released to the IMAX(R) theatre network compared to 13 in 2009

– 24 of the last 25 IMAX DMR titles opened Number 1 at the box office on their opening weekend

– 39% of IMAX box office was generated overseas in 2010, compared to approximately 26% in 2009

The company’s announced 2011 film slate includes:

“TRON: Legacy: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Walt Disney Studios) (continued from 2010)

“The Green Hornet: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Sony Pictures)

“Sanctum: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Universal Pictures)

“I Am Number Four: The IMAX Experience” (DreamWorks/Disney)

“Mars Needs Moms: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Walt Disney Studios)

“Sucker Punch: The IMAX Experience” (Warner Bros.)

“Born to Be Wild 3D” (original production from IMAX and Warner Bros.)

“Fast Five: The IMAX Experience” (Universal)

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Walt Disney Studios)

“Cars 2: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Walt Disney Studios)

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Warner Bros.)

“Real Steel: The IMAX Experience” (DreamWorks/Disney)

“Happy Feet 2: An IMAX 3D Experience” (Warner Bros.)

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