“Wild Thing” Returning for New Major League ?


David S. Ward, writer/director of Major League, tells Moviehole: “We’re actually talking about doing one right now. I’ve written, what I see, as ‘Major League 3.’ We’re putting that together as we speak – in fact, next week I’m off to talk to James Robinson at Morgan Creek about it.

“It’s 20 years later, and Wild Thing comes out of retirement to work with this 19-year-old player,” Ward added. “We’ve actually got three new characters in the new film. And if the new film is popular, they could carry the franchise on.”

Though Ward hopes to get Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen and even, Wesley Snipes back for Major League 3, he’s so far only spoken to Charlie Sheen about it.

“He’s excited to do it if and when it happens,” said Ward. “But he can’t shoot it this year, because he’s back doing ‘Two and a Half Men,’ but we could potentially shoot it next year – in his hiatus from the show.”