Jeff Fahey to Star in Dadgum, Texas

“Lost” star Jeff Fahey, who can next be seen on the big screen in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, has been cast in the small-town comedy Dadgum, Texas from independent production company Terran Enterprises and director Charles Huddleston.

The film stars Michele Martin as Jennie Lee “Baby” Magee, a young woman “fixin’ to get herself hitched,” and Martin Morales as her flamboyant wedding designer, Sanchez Horowitz. Jennie Lee’s happiest day before the happiest day of her life is progressively and hilariously destroyed when she finds out the perfect life she thought she had was a lie and the wedding dress store is held up by two bumbling bandits.

Fahey plays Jennie Lee’s proud father and the mayor of the small town of Dadgum. Jennie Lee’s mother, oblivious to the insanity around her and obsessed with planning a perfect wedding, is played by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, who starred opposite Chevy Chase in the comedy classic Fletch and appears regularly on “Friday Night Lights.”

Playing Jennie Lee’s feisty grandmother is veteran actress Peggy Stewart, who worked as a contract player for Republic Pictures in the 1940s making numerous Western movies and serials and has appeared constantly in television and films ever since, most recently in a recurring role on “The Riches” and The Runaways with Kristen Stewart (no relation) and Dakota Fanning.

Principal photography is underway in a small town outside Austin and the film will be released next year.


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