Almodovar and Banderas Reteaming for Piel


21 years after Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down, Pedro Almodovar is reuniting with Antonio Banderas on the Spanish director’s new film, La piel que habito, which loosely adapts Thierry Jonquet’s 1995 novel “Mygale.”

Almodovar describes Piel as “a horror story without screams or shocks.” It is about a plastic surgeon who exacts terrible revenge on the man who raped his daughter.

Almodovar first announced the film in 2002, hoping it would star Banderas and Penelope Cruz. The film has since undergone nine rewrites. The current version does not have a role for Cruz anymore.

Piel will shoot for 10 weeks in Spain, with 60% studio work and two major rural locations.

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