Exclusive: Mat Whitecross Taking on David Pease and More


Earlier today, ComingSoon.net had a chance to talk to long-time Michael Winterbottom protegé Mat Whitecross, whose solo directorial debut sex & drugs & rock & roll, a biopic of British rocker Ian Dury starring Andy Serkis, had its U.S. Premiere at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend.

As we wrapped up, Whitecross told ComingSoon.net about three projects he’s developing with “sex & drugs” screenwriter Paul Viragh:

The first of them is an adaptation of the next book by David Pease, author of the serial killer bestsellers “The Red Riding Quartet,” which was adapted by three filmmakers and released as The Red Riding Trilogy earlier this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t push for more details, since Pease is currently in the middle of the follow-up “Tokyo Trilogy,” the third book which will be released later this year. Whitecross said they hope to do that film next year, which may mean they’re involved with a similar anthology film or possibly even a book by Pease which hasn’t been released or even announced yet. (UPDATE: The fine folks at The Playlist have done a bit of the legwork for us, and according to the, Whitecross will actually be adapting an earlier novel by Pease called “GB84,” which takes place during the British miner’s strike.

The duo are also developing a “road movie thriller” starring Ray Winstone as “a man with Alzheimer’s who takes a journey with his son,” then the third project the duo are working on is a movie about the making of Lindsay Anderson and David Sherwin’s If… and Oh, Lucky Man!, two movies starring Malcolm McDowell released in 1968 and 1973, respectively, that were considered forefronts for the British New Wave.

Look for our full interview with Whitecross and Serkis next week, but you can already watch their new movie sex & drugs & rock & roll on Video On Demand with most cable providers and there’s a couple more screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday and Thursday night. More details on how to get tickets here.