‘Get Hard’, ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘The Gunman’ and More on DVD & Blu-ray This Week

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky on DVD Blu-ray today
Cameron Crowe has been chatting up this release on his official sit for some time, offering up script pages from the deleted scenes and now here comes the Blu-ray release, which includes an alternate ending. I have only seen this movie once and wasn’t necessarily a fan and it seems to be a film that draws that line straight down the middle between those that don’t really like it and those that love it. What side do you fall on?

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The Gunman
The Gunman on DVD Blu-ray today
Eh, I really can’t find any reason to ever watch this. it looks entirely generic and uninteresting.

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Danny Collins
Danny Collins on DVD Blu-ray today
I’ve actually heard this isn’t too bad, I just have no interest in watching it. It’s based on a true story with Al Pacino playing 1970s rocker Danny Collins… okay, sound rather routine, but there might be some takeaway there.

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Get Hard
Get Hard on DVD Blu-ray today
This looked entirely unfunny but it seems to have generated a few positive notes along with people getting up in arms over claims of racism. Sounds about right given today’s social climate.

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While We’re Young
While We're Young on DVD Blu-ray today
Saw this one at Toronto last year and just couldn’t connect with it and by the end found it rather annoying. You can read my theatrical review here.

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