Box Office Predictions: ‘Get Hard’ Battles ‘Insurgent’ and ‘Home’ for the Crown


Get Hard, Home, Insurgent box office predictions

get hardGet Hard might win this weekend, but get out your three-sided coin. An R-Rated March comedy isn’t a death sentence by any means, and Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have their own fandoms that will turn out. $25.2 million is my call, but it could go as high as 30, or as low as 20. I don’t think it will do a Gunman style faceplant, but it’s been a weird year.

Insurgent will certainly drop like a stone, and after not even equaling the first film it would seem as though audiences are bailing, if only slightly, on this franchise. The first one wasn’t as front-loaded as other YA films or franchises, but this one will end up a little more-so with a 54 percent dip. $24 million is the number, a mere couple hundred thousand tickets behind first place. Theoretically.

Could Home be the surprise winner? Animated films have made hay out of this slot before, Monsters vs. Aliens comes to mind. $23 million is my call only because there seems to be very little awareness of the product. Family films are getting harder and harder for me because it’s been so long since I’ve watched The Disney Channel. I gotta get back on it! The other bad news? That 38 percent RT score. I would call that, “low”, scientifically speaking.

It Follows is a mystery title. It seems to be a little horror that could, and I know Brad liked it quite a bit. The problem is theater counts, only around 1,250 of them. Not that it will light the world on fire with limited counts, but it might have hit double digits. My final prediction is $3 million.

SIDE NOTE: Some of the theater numbers below are estimates. We’ll have the actual counts in Sunday’s wrap-up article.