Plastic vs. Organic: Remaking ‘The Matrix’ Lobby Scene with Peanuts & Legos


Matrix remake peanuts

I didn’t realize this was a “thing”, but it would seem to take a considerable amount of effort to remake the bullet-riddled lobby scene from The Matrix with much of anything, let alone these two YouTube users’ idea to use Legos while the other decided to use peanuts. It’s plastic versus organic!

There isn’t necessarily much value to this post, but I guess I was just moved by the fact people would take this much time to attempt to pull this off.

[yt id=”nT0kYvUFqVc” width=”500″]

[yt id=”KVI1Fm9HuVU” width=”500″]

And, in case you forgot what the real thing looked like…

[yt id=”Es2uYtSJh-Y” width=”500″]