Snyder Meets Marvel in ‘Watchmen’ vs. ‘Avengers’ Trailer Mashup


The Avengers vs. Watchmen Mashup Trailer

As much as I haven’t necessarily enjoyed Marvel’s movies as of late and the same goes for a relatively lackluster appeal to Zack Snyder‘s latest output of films, I have to admit to watching this mashup, giving Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers the Snyder visual touch, and actually thinking it works quite well. Then again, I’m not convinced it’s all about the music.

In the end, the Smashing Pumpkins‘ “The End Is the Beginning Is the End” is what made that Watchmen trailer as it is still an immensely watchable trailer even today, long after the bad taste of the film has left us.

Check out the mash-up below. [via The Playlist]

[yt id=”DYYlYnT1CZg” width=”500″]

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