‘November Man’ and ‘As Above, So Below’ Off to Small Box Office Start, Look for ‘Guardians’ to be #1 Again


As Above, So Below box officeWe are looking at wrapping up the worst summer at the box office since 2006, not to mention the first summer since 2001 in which a film will not reach $300 million domestically… given the fact we have large format, IMAX and 3D ticket sales padding box office stats along with inflation, that’s really saying something. In fact, it’s more than I have to say about this weekend’s new wide releases in The November Man and As Above, So Below.

First off, As Above, So Below opened last night to $470,000 from 1,805 theaters, which seems it will have it coming in close to projections and closer to the reader prediction aggregate of $9.4 million, rather than Laremy’s super-soft $7.5m prediction.

Pierce Brosnan‘s attempt to become the next aging action star, a la Liam Neeson, in November Man opened on Wednesday to the tune of $861,238 and added another $838,762 bringing it’s cume to $1.7 million so far. Laremy was a little more bullish than the readers on this one, predicting $8.3 million to the readers’ $7.8 million and it might end up smack dab in the middle of those two, though I’m personally expecting something closer to that $7.8m number.

Otherwise, expect to see Guardians of the Galaxy back at the top of the box office this weekend as it will surely cross Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s $259.7 million to become the highest grossing domestic release of the year so far. What fun eh?

I’ve included Laremy’s predictions and the average reader predictions directly below and I’ll be back on Sunday with box office estimates. To see Laremy’s full list of predictions and all 90 reader predictions for this weekend click here.

Laremy’s Predictions

  • If I Stay – $14.9 million
  • The November Man – $8.3 million
  • When the Game Stands Tall – $7.6 million
  • As Above, So Below – $7.5 million

Your Predictions

  • If I Stay – $17.3 million
  • As Above, So Below – $9.4 million
  • The November Man – $7.8 million
  • When the Game Stands Tall – $6.3 million