‘Evil Dead’ Remake Helmer Tackling ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Video Game


Dante's Inferno video game adaptation heading to the movies
Photo: Electronic Arts

Uruguay’s Fede Alvarez made a name for himself with the short film “Panic Attack!” and was then handed the keys to a remake of Evil Dead (read my review here) and now Deadline.com reports he’s targeting an adaptation of the Electronic Arts video game “Dante’s Inferno” in which the Dante’s classic poem is adapted into the story of a knight that must descend into the nine rings of Hell to find his beloved Beatrice murdered, with Lucifer seducing her soul into the underworld.

Jay Basu who wrote the screenplay for the Monsters sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, wrote the latest draft of the script. Universal is set to distribute.

There already is an animated adaptation of the game which you can watch for free online right here featuring voice work by Mark Hamill, Victoria Branch and Graham McTavish. I’ve included a trailer for the game at the bottom of this post.

Of course, this puts two “Inferno” based stories into production as Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are reteaming for Inferno, based on Dan Brown’s latest novel, over at Sony. Obviously, the two will be dramatically different.