Box Office Results: Leaderboard Updated as ‘One Direction’ Takes the Top Spot


leaderboard-9313Well, One Direction: This is Us may have won the three-day weekend, but it actually lost to The Butler over the four-day Labor Day weekend as it dipped $1.2 million from Sunday predictions, down to $15.8 million for the three-day and $18.4 million over the four-day weekend. The Butler finished the Labor Day weekend with $20.2 million. As for the RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge we’re only taking into account three-day numbers, but this is a full service kind of site so you’re getting all the useful information.

To find the second film on our list of predictions this week we scroll on down to Getaway, which just managed to squirm into the top ten at #9 with $4.5 million while fellow newcomers Grandmaster and Closed Circuit both finished with $2.4 million from 749 and 870 theaters respectively.

Not exactly a stellar end to a record-breaking summer, but at least it’s over and we can begin looking forward to the Fall movie season, which shows a lot more promise than what we’ve seen so far.

On a side note, once again I’m noticing some of you aren’t predicting on a weekly basis as two names are in the top ten on the accuracy charts with only five weeks out of the eleven the challenge has been underway. As a result, once I return home from Toronto I am going to establish a new rule where you are docked one percentage point for every week you miss. I think it’s the only fair way to handle it and make sure everyone is playing on some sort of an even field.

I am open to any additional suggestions on how to handle it, but for now I see this as the best option.

That said, I’ve listed the current top ten for both leaderboards directly below, but you can see the full list of rankings right here and for the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Athar (21 points)
  2. Shaun Heenan (16 points)
  3. Jack Tyler (15 points)
  4. Mykael (15 points)
  5. rusty (15 points)
  6. Baca (13 points)
  7. Ryan Maddux (13 points)
  8. bcf26 (12 points)
  9. EPayneDDS (12 points)
  10. jonjon (12 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Owen (84.491% accuracy)
  2. Criterion10 (84.099% accuracy)
  3. topyxyz (83.676% accuracy)
  4. Rumano (83.387% accuracy)
  5. Matt Taylor (82.679% accuracy)
  6. maja (82.54% accuracy)
  7. Andrew13 (82.49% accuracy)
  8. Jack Tyler (82.339% accuracy)
  9. The Movie Guru (82.191% accuracy)
  10. Arthur Carlson (81.883% accuracy)

Again, you can find both full leaderboards right here.