‘Margaret’ and 50% Off Criterion Leads the Discussion of this Week’s New DVD and Blu-rays


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: July 10, 2012

In all honesty, the only item I would point you toward this week with any level of seriousness is Margaret, but more on that in a second. Probably even more important is the 50% off sale going on over at Barnes and Noble where the majority of their in-stock Criterion Collection titles are all 50% off. I’ve taken advantage of this sale in the past and if you’d like to see if anything meets your approval just click here to browse their selection.

If you’re wondering how much money you can save, it’s different depending on the title. For example, the recently released Samurai Trilogy is $34.99 at Barnes right now while it’s $47.96 at Amazon. Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush is $19.99 at Barnes and $28.95 at Amazon. One of my all-time favorites, Breathless, is $19.99 at Barnes and $23.98 at Amazon and The Seven Samurai is $24.99 at Barnes and $34.95 at Amazon.

So, yes, it’s a deal. You buying?

Margaret on DVD Blu-ray today
When it comes to new releases, like I said, Margaret is really the only option I’m interested in and I haven’t even seen it. This release is available exclusively at Amazon for a limited time and includes the theatrical version as well as a bonus DVD featuring the never-before-seen extended cut available on two-discs. In critical circles this is one of the most talked about films of the year and it’s one I need to see and will once I have a chance. Plenty have talked about its quality to this point to make me want to see it.

Buy Margaret


Blade II
Blade II on DVD Blu-ray today
I normally save the catalog, first-time HD releases for the “Even More” section, but with such a light offering of titles today I figured I’d include the best film from the Blade franchise in the week’s top choices because if there was a gun to my head this would be my second choice.

Buy Blade II


Chariots of Fire [Blu-ray]
I’ve seen this film once and really don’t think I need a Blu-ray copy to see it again. Good movie, but not one I’m dying to throw on repeat.

Buy Chariots of Fire [Blu-ray]


The Flowers of War
The Flowers of War on DVD Blu-ray today
Flowers of War didn’t really get the response most thought it might leading into awards season last year. It was nominated for a Golden Globe, but its run pretty much ended there and critical reception was muted at best. I never did see it and don’t really have much desire to.

Buy The Flowers of War


American Reunion
American Reunion on DVD Blu-ray today
Ugh, I didn’t like it when I saw it in theaters and I didn’t like it when my girlfriend watched the Blu-ray. Well, to be fair, she fast-forwarded over a lot of it and then was disappointed in the gag reel and special features. One of these days she’ll start listening to me and not even put movies of this quality into the player.

Buy American Reunion


Being Flynn
Being Flynn on DVD Blu-ray today
Not a good movie and one I have no reason why they even feel the need to make it available for purchase. Seriously, who would want to buy this and watch a two hour miserable feature? I can understand renting it, but this just isn’t the kind of film I picture people buying and watching more than once.

Buy Being Flynn




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