Man-Witch Seemingly Back on Track


Josh Stolberg is an up and coming Hollywood screenwriter whose scripts have been making their way around the desks of studio execs for years with his screenplay for Good Luck Chuck being turned into a vehicle for Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Stolberg is also involved with two high-profile horror remakes, Piranha 3D, which recently started filming, and Sorority Row, which just locked picture for its fall release.

In the latest entry on Stolberg’s blog, the screenwriter talks about the status of those projects, but he also posts promising news about a couple of his comedy-related projects, including Man-Witch, which is being produced and developed by Todd Phillips at Warner Bros.

The last news on the movie was over a year ago when Jack Black had decided to drop out, essentially sidelining the project, but when spoke to Phillips a few weeks back, that was one of the projects he confirmed was still happening, although he wouldn’t give any details.

Obviously, with the success of Phillips’ The Hangover, Warner Bros. are going to try to keep that snowball rolling, and Stolberg’s update on the project he co-wrote for Phillips sounds promising, as they obviously have found someone to replace Black, which should be announced soon.

Here’s what he said:

Lastly, it’s looking like Man-Witch is a go at Warner Bros. I can’t say much about it at this point because the casting hasn’t been officially announced but it’s looking really, really good. More on that on an upcoming post.

Stolberg also mentions they’re nearing a final draft on The Spellman Files, based on Lisa Lutz’s novel, which recently landed Barry Sonnenfeld as its director.

You can read Stolberg’s full blog entry here.