Penn and McDormand in Clip from Cannes Entry ‘This Must be the Place’

Sean Penn in This Must be the Place

Unfortunately, the only film I had on my must see list while at Cannes that I will not be able to see is Paolo Sorrentino’s This Must be the Place starring Sean Penn as a gothic rock star who becomes bored in his retirement and takes on the quest of finding his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S.

The film co-stars Frances McDormand and some of you may know Sorrentino as the director of 2009’s Oscar-nominated Il Divo. I feel a little lucky that I haven’t yet seen Il Divo, if only because I don’t know what I’m missing, but this is sure to be a big draw come the film’s first screening on May 20.

All that said, I have a clip from the film directly below featuring Penn and McDormand just before Penn’s character takes off on his journey. Have a look below, it looks particularly melancholy if you ask me, but the talent involved suggests its worth seeking out. It doesn’t yet have a domestic distributor, but depending on the reaction from Cannes, that could change very soon.

I will be in Cannes from May 10-19, covering reviews and news out of the festival as they happen. I hope you’ll check in frequently.