Tribeca ’09: Lucas, Cuesta on Tell-Tale

Tell-Tale, the new thriller that uses Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting story, made its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this month (showtimes here). sat down with the film’s director, Michael Cuesta, and star, Josh Lucas, for an interview.

In the film, Terry is a struggling single father, abandoned by his wife years earlier, who prides himself on taking good care of his young daughter. His life is finally looking up after he recently received a successful heart transplant, and he is even falling in love with a beautiful doctor. But then the headaches start. And the visions. The new heart inside Terry seems to be beating to a horrifying drummer of its own. Haunted by its violent past, the heart begins to take hold of Terry, leading the young father on a frantic and harrowing search to find the donor’s killer before he meets a similar fate.

You can watch the interview here!