Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 10 – Sep. 12, 2010

I’m pretty certain I’ll nail the top spot this time around. Only one new wide release in what is shaping up to be the worst weekend of the year. By far. In fact, it should be the worst weekend since September 2008 when a little film called Bangkok Dangerous took the crown with $7.78m. That’s not much money. Let’s break it down!
#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Weeks In A Row
The last two have opened around $23m. But something seems off this time around. I don’t know if its the lack of screenings, the lack of buzz, or overall fatigue with the series but it seems to me that this one will be down about ten percent. Which really means it will be down more than that once you add the 18 percent 3-D premium in.

Personally, I’m a Jovovich supporter. She was solid in The Fifth Element. But I don’t see myself shelling out $15 for a Resident Evil movie experience, even if it was shot in 3-D.

I’m also thinking the NFL will hurt it. The season was already two weekends old when the sequel came out, opening weekend hold a special appeal to a certain demographic that could hurt it on Sunday. That’s my working theory at least. Speaking of, I love the 49ers minus three points. That’s a gift.

Prediction: $21.46 million

And then there was everything else. Some people liked The American, some didn’t. I see a 49 percent dip and not much else to talk about.
Prediction: $6.747 million
Held up fairly well last weekend given the concerns over frontloading. Should do a number near a 44 percent bleed this weekend.
Prediction: $6.091 million
Should fall the most on the board. Not my rules.
Prediction: $5.153 million
The number one Sly Stallone film in the country! Sorry. Just helping out the marketers.
Prediction: $4.467 million
Brad is in Toronto covering The Toronto International Film Festival. Lucky guy. Look for coverage of that action all weekend long.
Prediction: $3.855 million
I hope Inception never leaves the top ten. Until Avatar 2 comes out at least.
Prediction: $3.822 million
Did we ever solve the whole tuna vs. lion debate?
Prediction: $3.435 million
The Lastest Exorcism: 3-D (IMAX) should be in theaters around 2012.
Prediction: $3.139 million
Who is the new Julia Roberts? And did you realize an actor from this film (but not for this film) has a shot at an Academy Award this February?
Prediction: $3.093 million

How say you? Have I sandbagged too much? Do you like another single digit victor? Comment now, before my game kicks off.

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